Credit Event Fixings
Credit Fixings
About Creditex

Creditex is a leading interdealer broker for credit default swaps (CDS) and bonds, operating a hybrid model of voice and electronic execution. Creditex offers the industry’s leading platform for Delta-Neutral Auctions, which provide jump-to-default risk reduction for dealers. We offer comprehensive straight-through processing (STP) services for electronic, hybrid and voice trading via the ICE Link STP Service.

In conjunction with Markit, Creditex offers Portfolio Compression and Credit Event Auctions. Portfolio Compression reduces the overall notional size and number of outstanding contracts in credit derivative portfolios without changing the overall risk profile or present value of the portfolios. Credit Event Auctions were designed to ensure a fair, efficient and transparent process for settlement of credit derivative trades following a credit event.

Creditex is a wholly owned subsidiary of IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. (ICE).

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